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ConX Video Meeting Resources | InFocus


How to Create Your ConX Meeting Account

Follow these steps to start using a ConX meeting room:

Step 1: Click on FREE TRIAL

Step 2: Select your plan 

Step 3: Confirm your choice by clicking CONTINUE

Step 4: Fill out and submit the form

Step 5: Follow the steps to validate your email address

Step 6: Log back into and complete your profile

Step 7: Choose your Guest PIN and Host PIN

Step 8: You can now access your ConX meeting room

How to dial in to a ConX Video Meeting

Download ConX Dialing Guide here

SIP-Based Dialing

How to join a meeting from modern SIP-based video conferencing equipment, including InFocus Mondopad, ConX Phone, BigConnect™, Polycom, Cisco, plus many others...

  1. Dial the conference’s SIP URI address
  2. Enter a PIN if applicable

Skype for Business

How to join a meeting from a Skype for Business client.

  1. Enter the ConX room number and "" into the address box where it says "Find Someone" and click on the search icon (magnifying glass)
  2. Right Click on the Contact Address and Select “Start a Video Call” from the Menu
  3. If PIN is required to join the conference, enter it via keyboard or keypad followed by the pound key, "#".  Access the keypad by clicking on the phone icon.
  4. Note, you may need to enable your video camera.

H.323-based Dialing

How to join a meeting from older H.323 video conferencing equipment, including Polycom, LifeSize, AVer, Sony, and others...

1. Dial the number below based on YOUR location

  • US: ## ‹meeting room number›
  • EU: ## ‹meeting room number›
  • Asia: ## ‹meeting room number›

2. Enter a PIN if applicable

For Cisco H.323 endpoints, join by doing the following...

1. Dial the number below based on YOUR location

  • US: ‹meeting room number›@
  • EU: ‹meeting room number›@
  • Asia: ‹meeting room number›@

2. Enter a PIN if applicable

121 Video Dialer Application

How to join a meeting from the InFocus 121 Video Dialer application

  1. Start 121
  2. Enter your name, meeting room number and security PIN
  3. Click Video & Presenation

Browser-based Dialing

How to join a meeting from a web browser

  1. Enter in your browser’s address field
  2. Enter your name, meeting room number and security PIN
  3. Click JOIN

Audio-only Dialing

How to join a meeting with an audio telephone:

1. Dial the number below based on YOUR location

US  1 (503) 343-9011 1 (503) 446-4097
Austria +43 720 115 223  
Canada 1 (819) 975-0963  
Czech Republic +420 538 880 993  
Denmark   +45 78 75 52 20
Finland   +358 341 089 564
France +33 1 86 76 12 54  
Germany +49 894 120 9519  
Hong Kong +852 5819 4889  
Italy   +39 0294 756 184
Netherlands +31 85 8888479  
Norway +47 21 40 37 65  
Poland   +48 22 307 14 80
Spain   +34 933 938 997
Sweden   +46 8 4468 0373
Switzerland   +41 43 508 25 76
UK +44 16 1850 5692  


2. Enter meeting room number, followed by #

3. Enter security PIN, followed by #

DTMF Codes

ConX In-Meeting Features: The following functions can be used during a ConX Video Meeting from any device (except where noted).

Use the number keys on the dialing keypad of your device to perform these functions








  Conference Highlight

  Display bright colored outline around current speaker




  Lock Conference

  Prevent anyone new from joining a conference




  Participant Tagging

  Show the Display ID of each participant in the bottom of each cell




  Cycle Conference Layout

  Change the number of cells/participants shown in your local conference video




  Mute All

  Mute/Un-mute the audio of all participants except yours.

  Participants can un-mute by pressing any key on dialing pad





  Mute/Un-mute your microphone

  Note that your phone/device may have its own independent muting functions




  Include Self View

  Add/remove your local camera view to the local conference video




  Data Video / Participant Video

  Switch between viewing shared data and people when shared data is available




  Conference Video Broadcast Mode

  Make your video the only image all conference participants see

  Full audio functionality remains active for all participants


How To...

Start a ConX Video Meeting:

ConX Video Meeting Rooms are available 24x7, so you never need to “start” a meeting. Just make sure everyone you want on the call knows how to connect and at what time.

Invite participants to a ConX Video Meeting

Step 1: Go to the page:

Step 2: Sign in with your ConX account

Step 3: On the Meeting Rooms page, enter the email addresses of your meeting participants.
Note: you can link your Google account for easier selection of contacts.

Step 4: Click NEXT to select Instant or Scheduled Meeting

Step 5: Click START NOW for an instant meeting.  For a scheduled meeting, fill in the meeting details and click SCHEDULE THE MEETING

Step 6: Confirm the invitation information and click SEND INVITATIONS

Note: You don’t need to do this for every meeting. When your participants know how to call into a ConX Video Meeting and know the time of the meeting, you probably don’t need to send them invitations. But this is helpful the first time.


Join a ConX Video Meeting

ConX Video Meeting Rooms can be accessed by many different methods. See the Dialing Guide information under Resources for all the different options.

Here’s just a quick and simple way to join a call:

Use our free browser client,, on your Windows PC or Mac. Enter your name, the room number and the Guest PIN and you’ll immediately join the meeting.

Try the Share function to share data with your meeting participants. They may need to press *8 on their device’s keypad to see the data stream -- and #8 to get them back to looking at people.


Host/Manage an Active ConX Video Meeting:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter your Meeting Room Number and Host PIN

Step 3: Watch as the participant list grows as people join the call. 

From here you can perform these call functions:

  • Lock the conference to prevent any new participants
  • Mute individual participants if their audio signal is particularly noisy
  • Assign Broadcast mode to a participant, which will block all the other video sources and send only this participant’s video to everyone. Great for teachers.
  • Change the layout for everyone. We have many choices, but sometimes you know best.
  • Terminate the call and kick everyone off. This is a good way to make sure there aren’t any stragglers.

Note: to get other participants to join, you can send them an email invite or even call their SIP endpoint directly from here as well.


Change your ConX Video Meeting Room PIN

Step 1:  Go to and click on “Sign In” tab at the right top corner.

Step 2: Sign in with your registered email and password.

Step 3: From the given room number’s Meeting Room page, click on the pencil icon next to either the Guest PIN or Host PIN.

Step 4: Enter a new PIN number and click SAVE. The new PIN is active immediately.



Video Interoperability & Call Signaling

  • SIP (hardware and software endpoints)
  • H.323 (hardware and software endpoints)
  • RFC 2833, SIP INFO, and tone detection for DTMF signaling

Audio/Video Codecs and Capabilities

  • H.263, H.263+, H.263++, H.264, H.264 AVC, MS RT Video
  • Up to 720p HD
  • Audio: G.711 (u/a), G.722, G.722.1, G.722.1 Annex C, MS RT Audio
  • Per-Participant Custom Layout Control

Encryption & Security

  • SIP Signaling: TLS
  • Media: RTP, SRTP (on request)
  • Host PIN, Guest PIN (on request)


Network Requirements for Video Calling

Network NATs and firewalls provide

Protection for your network by limiting outside access to an internal network. Some access, however, is necessary for video calling. Therefore, to enable PCs and other devices to place and receive calls with the outside world, while still maintaining security for your network, you must open the following ports for SIP signaling and media streams in the firewall:





5060,  5061




These ports are necessary for SIP signaling


25000 - 35000



This is for media streams.  Actual port number used will be randomized and negotiated per session, and will be in the range of 25000 – 35000 for SIP service recommended by InFocus.

Firewalls should permit inbound traffic to TCP and UDP ports that have been established in the outbound direction.

ALG Routers

  • When an ALG router recognizes SIP traffic, it attempts to “improve” the quality of the connection by manipulating the routing information in the data packets. Inbound traffic sent to the router-chosen port is also manipulated to be forwarded to the original source port. Unfortunately, ALG routers do not always properly forward all SIP packets. The result is an unreliable connection. Because of this, we recommend all ALG features be disabled on the router.


  • ConX Datasheet (PDF)
  • ConX Dialing Guide (PDF)
  • SIP Calling Network Requirements (PDF)
  • Google Chrome with 121/ConX (PDF)
  • Tips for Better Video Calls (PDF)
  • Whitepaper: The Value of Video Conferencing (PDF)
Call InFocus at 877-388-8360 if you have any questions.